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Arrows: Broken Mandala

Hand fabricated

18ct gold, palladium and diamonds

50mm x 60mm

This commission was inspired by human relationships, like arrows they can shoot through to new places and experiences or sometimes render us asunder.
Sunburst: Broken Mandala

Hand fabricated

22ct gold, silver and citrine

This brooch endeavours to capture the radial repeating pattern of a specific form as found in mandalas. It does not complete its circular journey, expressing the attempt to find wholeness.
Crest Killarney Municipal District
Crest for Mayoral Chain of Office

Sterling Silver, 9ct gold, vitreous enamel.
120mm x 90mm

Hand fabricated

This commission was to design and fabricate a crest for the newly crated Killarney Municipal District.

The call for submission required a design that would reflect the flora, fauna, culture and history of the region.
Sea Glass Brooch
Sterling silver, glass, double pin catch stainless steel
Razor Clam Shell Necklace
Sterling silver, 22ct gold

Hand wrought

The forms that make this necklace were inspired by the shells of razor clams I came upon walking on Dollymount Strand, Dublin.
Autumn Seed
9ct Gold and Diamond

Hand fabricated

32mm x 10mm x 10mm

This pendant was inspired by the seed that appears on the ubiquitous hedgerow weed called Cow Parsley.
Stone Profiles
Sterling silver and 22ct gold.
Hand Fabricated

The forms found in this work were taken from a series of sketches of stones I had done.
Garden Pool

Hand fabricated

18ct yellow gold and zircon

The swirling form and depth of this ring mirrors the mysterious sensation of depth looking down into a pond.
Cufflinks after Chambellan
Sterling silver
19 x 24mm

Hand fabricated

These cufflinks were inspired by the figurative Art Deco reliefs in the Chanin Building, NYC created by the artist Rene Chambellan.
Floating Sunstone Pendant
Sterling silver, Oregon Sunstone, 18" chain
Feather Brooch
Hand fabricated

22ct gold, sterling silver, tourmaline, citrine and amethyst

30mm x 60mm

This decadent brooch captures the movement and form of the cascading feather arrangements found in the 'Gibson Girl' style millinery of the 1910's
Pinwheel Brooch
Hand fabricated
Sterling silver and black patina.

This hollow constructed brooch was my first attempt to explore the mandala form in my work.
Expelling the pit, necklace
Hand fabricated

Sterling silver, 18ct gold, wood and Perspex

Container 60mm x 60mm
Necklace 1800mm

Making this piece I wanted to create a work that could be an ornament for display and to be worn.

The title comes from a line in the novel 'Mauve Desert' by Nicole Brossard which speaks about getting to the essence of meaning.
Expelling the pit, necklace, closed
Hand fabricated

Sterling silver, 18ct gold, wood and Perspex
Pod Chain
Sterling silver

Hand fabricated

The inspiration for this necklace is the seed bract of the bougainvillea.

Exhibited RDS National Craft Show 2010
Pod Chain- detail
Sterling silver

Hand fabricated
Balance Chain
Sterling Silver

Hand wrought

This necklace plays with visually and physically balancing different shapes and weights of chain
Balance Chain - detail
Sterling silver

Hand wrought
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